Youtube pulled gay dating ad

“I refuse to change my content, but I’m making significantly less money,” Hardell tells New Now Next.

Even LGBT videos that perform well earn considerably less than they once would have: Frosch told that a video called “The Girlfriend Tag” earned just $20, despite racking up nearly 700,000 views.

The issues of monetization and restricting LGBT videos might seem distinct, but when You Tube sends the message that content is not suitable for a general audience, companies listen.

Erin Armstrong posted a video to her You Tube channel after her grandmother died last summer. Armstrong, a trans vlogger better known as “Grishno,” had cut off from contacting her grandmother once she began transitioning in 2009—her parents were afraid the news would affect the elderly woman’s already failing health.

In 2015, she was finally allowed to meet her grandmother as her true self.

“My earnings had been slowly decreasing and then just fell off a cliff when the adpocalypse happened.