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Her name is Jessica Roberts, and by the looks of social media, they’re adorable together.

’s De Anna Pappas may have given the final rose to–and accepted a marriage proposal from–Jesse Csincsak, but there’s a happy ending for jilted bachelor Graham Bunn as well.

Unfortunately, Graham isn’t heading to Mexico with the rest of the cast. I’ve been on a few shows.” Of course we haven’t had enough of Graham, but we’re happy he found someone he cares about!

And it’s not because he wasn’t offered a spot, either. And it might be for the best that Graham isn’t heading back to And speaking of his new girlfriend?

Interestingly, the couple actually met and had dated occasionally before he ever went on the ABC reality show.

They broke up, or at least took a break, in December before the show began taping, according to Graham Bunn.

Outside of having Michelle [Money] there, felt very alone.