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I used to listen to Lex and Terry on the radio every morning on the way to work (before my city stopped airing it).

They’re based in Fort Worth, Texas, and their show is known as what “your mom listens to after she drops you off at school.” Lex and Terry, as well as Dee and a few other team members (they’ve changed over the years), talk about anything and everything.

The sex, dating, and relationship conversations were always particularly interesting.

However, insufficiency of local surveys on the CSR trends compelled to draw upon experts’ knowledge for development of a cognitive framework. Contextualization Expert interviews were taken where they were asked to reflect upon their experience and identify issues, areas and factors that should be considered to undertake the survey. The experts comprised from both business and social organizations. Operationalization A prototype of the cognitive framework was then designed based on the two above and was pre-tested in a smaller sample for validity.

A list of key issues, factors and trends was hence developed through literature review and surveying the local industry.

Two different types of questionnaires, having similar approach, were circulated to 60 corporate and development sector organizations in Karachi using convenient sampling method.

Respondents were head of public affairs and corporate communication functions, CSR representatives in the corporate sector and heads of NGOs in addition to sustain-ability consultants who are involved in CSR ope-rations and partnership development.

The process of survey tool deve-lopment involved the following steps: 1.