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A heartening find is the organizations’ focus on internal CSR that relates to employee welfare (79 percent) and employee volunteering (59 percent) in community development and welfare activities. Worthy Causes for CSR In search of finding whether organizations are inclined only towards the popular CSR causes or are willing to consider controversial yet worthy causes, five such causes were presented to them and following are the results: With few exceptions, corporate and development organizations unanimously showed their motivation to support the controversial causes.

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The process of survey tool deve-lopment involved the following steps: 1.

Creation A literature review from available local and foreign published scholastic work was made.

I used to listen to Lex and Terry on the radio every morning on the way to work (before my city stopped airing it).

They’re based in Fort Worth, Texas, and their show is known as what “your mom listens to after she drops you off at school.” Lex and Terry, as well as Dee and a few other team members (they’ve changed over the years), talk about anything and everything.

Today, we’re addressing single Fort Worthians (or Fort Worthers) — highlighting 11 ways for them to connect. You also don’t have to stress yourself out about choosing a dating site because we’ve taken care of that for you — pinpointing the five best no matter what your needs are.