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The utterance is filled with dialogic overtones…after all, our thought itself is born and shaped in the process of interaction and struggle with others’ thoughts ” (Mikhail Bakhtin, Speech Genres, 1950s) “Since I lack a voice of my own, the voices of others invade me as if I were a silent ventriloquist.They ricochet within me, carrying on conversations, lending me their modulations, intonations, rhythms. But some of them satisfy a need; some of them stick to my ribs…eventually the voices enter; by assuming them, I gradually make them mine.

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He has nice brown eyes, but is not quite tall enough for me.

New York, New York: Liz on a date in Mahattan He sits down. He orders me another glass of champagne, and tells me about his ex-wife.

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Because it's infinitely harder to communicate ideas and make an impact in a short space of time. Demonstrations make great short speeches because these are very visual and thus make a big impact - but time yourself beforehand to be absolutely sure that you can complete your demonstration in the time allowed! First, set out the problem, then present the solution. This may sound illogical, but it gives the solution more impact when the problem is presented in detail.