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Shane Hi Shane: I did shut off my firewall completely and the FTP still did not work from Content Manager to download from the DLS.

(This may or may not mean much to you) Can you download content using the web-based Download Station (using the Download via FTP option)?

The only things preventing you from validating your forum account: 1) Not completing all of the required registration fields 2) The validation email is being stopped by your SPAM filter 3) You're using an ISP that has been determined to be the source for SPAM 4) You were previously banned from the forums for violating the forum rules Other than the above, you should be a-OK. Marc - 3DTrains Pro Series v4.0 Super Packs Im glad to hear that the Feather River route is about done and to be release.

At this time, I am not sure when I will be able to get it though as the gas/oil prices are hitting my finacees and my wallet these days in a big way and from the looks of it.

If I remember correctly, forum membership is usually granted by Marc after you purchase one of the trainsets or scenery upgrades.