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What are the advantages of your own web site in comparison with affiliate links? Here you just register a new domain and your site is done! Our summary statistics over the past five years has shown that for every 6 men who register to the site there is one who pays (in the statistics we include men who never pay - these are men from India, Africa, Iran etc.). However, we can't say anything about the percentage of those visitors who register, as it strongly depends on the site's content: * If you use the link to our site placed on your own site, then the visitors you have correspond to the content of your site.

* If the question is not about the affiliate links to our site and you have your own site in your domain, you have an opportunity to edit the title, keywords, description and the mainpage content (the text on the front page of your site).

we’re going for the best possible networking environment, and hope you can be part of it.

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