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All she has for company is the Voice and her Diary but even in the secret pages she won't reveal what she has done wrong. You'll survive this together, you know this for certain." Companion piece to Big White Room. comfort of a rape victim, potential triggers, sexual themes...hopeful ending. Genre 3: Hurt/comfort Blaine Anderson has struggled with an addiction for years. Somewhat of a character study on Blaine, and an examination of the addictiveness of cutting. This is a very dark and dirty story featuring a very evil, sadistic Dave and a loving Klaine. And Kurt felt his heart break as he finally realized that he would never be accepted for who he was. Ten years later, Kurt's waking up in Vegas daily while Blaine is in New York, and neither has acted on their love for each other. Two years later, Max finds the flock while she and her daughter are shoping. Rated M for later chapters."Last chance," Blaine all but whispers, the light shining at an awkward angle that throws half of his face into shadow and Blaine has never looked so much like a classic movie star, except now... Got bored and decided to make another story where Max was raped.

She looks different: younger, older and birdier at the same time! Max, two years after saving the world, is alone in London. Outtake from epilogue of We'll All Float On, derived from this line: "Kurt stepped forward, sliding his hands over Blaine's hips and breathing in his ear, 'you are so getting laid tonight.'" Not necessary to have read WAFO to read. WARNING: CONTAINS CUTTING WRISTS AND SUICIDAL THOUGHTS. With a sickening feeling, he understood." Rated M for a reason."He just needs time. "Because you look like you're going to be a fun ride."Kurofsky loves Kurt with an evil, twisted love full of cruelty and hatred at its core. On the anniversary of his mother's death, Karofsky had shoved him into a locker for the first time. Future fic, Kurt & Blaine never dated in high school, but remained friends. At age eighteen, Max got pregnant with Fangs baby, But leaves because Fang slept with another woman.

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But she isn’t exactly the person that they were expecting. After finding out Kurt does not want to carry on anymore, can Blaine help him in time to see why he should stay alive? Now that they're together Kurt finds himself knowing even more about his boyfriend. The week the Warblers decided to try "Misery" for one of their Regionals performances, Blaine wasn't really paying attention to how Kurt was feeling, until Kurt made him. Follows canon, EXCEPT FOR THE EPILOGUE, WHICH GOES WAY OFF IN ITS OWN, SMUTTY DIRECTION. Or Five Times Blaine Didn't Notice, One Time He Did. Kurt Hummel is the ghost of his past self, but can someone notice and save him in time. As he slowly learns the truth, Kurt realises he got off easy. Blaine is trying to recover from a dangerous addiction, but it's hard to forget the beautiful patterns of red on white. Keegan pressed against Blaine, and something clicked in Blaine's head. So what is it that he hide behind that never ending smile? And now Blaine's promise of a whole day in his bedroom."Wh.were you hoping for that? He leans in so his cheek rests against mine, and breathes into my ear. An he also can remember how Kurt changed his life so very much. I don't think its triggering but if you are easily triggered, be careful, I guess. It's been 10 years since she's seen the flock, and she's finally escaped the school. Oneshot unless you guys really love if the characters from the Gallagher Series met the Flock over a chatroom. But when he finally allows himself to voice his unspoken thoughts, the least likely person imaginable comes to comfort him.

COMPLETEMax was taken away 8 years ago and this Christmas she escaped and she has found the Flock. Based on the Film Cow masterpiece "Llamas with Hats." One-shot. Kurt has had to go through many things in his life, and unfortunately things only seem to be getting worse. He knows practically everything about him and can read him perfectly. Blaine is insecure and leaves, causing them both to fall to pieces. It's been ten years since Tony left, and now SHIELD has a secret agenda. Summer, Blaine thinks about the different nicknames Kurt has given him and he tries to settle on the right one for Kurt. My first chapter story, each chapter focuses on a different name. Blaine and his family used to have traditions, but that all stopped when he came out to his parents. it's not that they don't love me, or don't take care of me. don't always know how to act around me." A Father's Day one-shot. It doesn't imitate anything." It all started out as just a friendly conversation between two co-stars, but then soon became something much, much more. It is during this consolation that Kurt realizes that he really knows absolutely nothing about Mr. Dang it, but Blaine won't listen to Kurt on the subject of whether he likes boys, or girls. What will Fang do when Blaine wants to sing him inspirational songs? Anything wrong please let me know."You're trying so hard to be what he needs." Companion piece to the companion piece. Genre 3: Hurt/comfort He knew Blaine had been taunted at his old school, but didn't realise how brutal it had been, he hadn't even stopped to think about it as he was so preoccupied with his own situation. What happens when he sings to the whole glee club that he wants to have sex with Kurt? Rated M for a reason."Something changed imperceptibly in Keegan's eyes and he slammed Blaine against the locker again. Takes place after BTW."You may be damaged but Blaine is good with his hands, even better with his heart." Implied rape, contemplation of suicide, sexual themes, slash, potential triggers. Then them both losing a lot more control in the car. Mang Blaine can remember every second of pain he felt as a teenager. and cause fangirls everywhere to freak the hell out. I need help for a better title possibly and better screen names for them. DSet during "Grilled Cheesus." Kurt is a master at shielding his emotions. Takes place before the 2nd season but takes elements from it. What happened if Katniss was standing a little farther away when the bombs that killed Prim blew up?

Set after the super bowl episode what if Blaine asked Kurt out for Valentine's Day but had less than pure intentions, very OOC Blaine canniblaine , minor Kurtofsky, contains minor vore and elements of non-con.

Now he's the star in a horror film, rather than a romance.

He already feels like an outsider, but when he meets his new Watcher it seems that things can only get worse. And, of course, he has to pull a whole 'Whining Macho Prince' thing about it. Martinez deal with Fang's attitude, Iggy tries to boycott Campbell's Soup, the Flock play with a blender, and... When Nick begins attending the same school as her, their lives begin to entwine closely..summary inside. It also makes everyone around them realize just how close they really are. When given the chance to regain his eyesight, Iggy unknowingly gets involved in a scheme hatched by Itex to tear apart the flock and finally terminate the 'failed' subjects. From Kurt's strange delirium to his eventual tyrannical attitude, Finn's nightmare has just begun.