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But after Sarah and Casey save him, Team Chuck finds themselves involved in a very dangerous spy war.

Part Six: Yuletide Slayings New clones, new bad guys, same flock. Except for Max meeting herself again , Fang going crazy, and what's this about the Day and Night school? :: I'm keeping the story, and the next chapter is up:: When Chuck is captured by an unknown terrorist cell, he is tortured mercilessly.

FAXPart 2 of the Breathe trilogy - a sequel to With You, I Can Breathe. Now Max, hurt and angry, runs to the whitecoats for help..forget. Blaine just wants Kurt to stop licking the cake batter out of the bowl.

A situation leads Max & Fang to the fight of their lives.

I can sense your hesitation, but just give the first chapter a try.