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1994 saw the first commercial product to incorporate Mosaic: SCO Global Access, a modified version of its Open Desktop version of Unix that served as an Internet ensure that it contained no Mosaic code, and thus no longer credits Spyglass or Mosaic.But Mosaic was the first browser written and supported by a team of full-time programmers, was reliable and easy enough for novices to install, and the inline graphics reportedly proved immensely appealing.

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Most significantly, their work transformed the appeal of the Web from niche uses in the technical area to mass-market appeal.

In particular, these University of Illinois students made two key changes to the Web browser, which hyper-boosted its appeal: they added graphics to what was otherwise boring text-based software, and, most importantly, they ported the software from so-called Unix computers that are popular only in technical and academic circles, to the Windows operating system, which is used on more than 80 percent of the computers in the world, especially personal and commercial computers.

The first alpha release (numbered 0.1a) was published in June 1993, and the first beta release (numbered 0.6b) followed quickly thereafter in September 1993.

Version 1.0 for Windows was released on November 11, 1993.

Netscape Navigator's code descendant is Mozilla Firefox.