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For example, the question, “Would you date someone shorter than you?

” Of course, I answered yes, and lots of girls answer no.

If you are a guy, you just have to get used to that.

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Maybe she’ll be frightened, or she might use pepper spray.

Maybe she’ll put her guard up and start being really sarcastic. Going up to a girl in real life is a complete nightmare.

Either they are very unattractive to me, or they have some kind of rude personality that turns guys off to them in real life. Occasionally, there are attractive single girls without kids who appear online.

Lots of these girls put on their profile, “I’m a ***** and if you can’t handle it, then **** off! When this happens, the entire pool of guys starts messaging them things like, “How’s it goin?

In my five years of being on dating websites, I’ve only gotten three messages that were initiated by women. When a girl joins a dating website, it’s a HUGE risk.

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