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It would be "my big morbidly obese in desperate need of gastric bypass" wedding. And I don't get dolled up often or wear a ton of make up. In college, there was like Persian ski trips and things like that, but I never went on them.

Hell, I know half-Iranian/half-American peeps that ended up with full Iranians. Warning: I'm about to make massive generalizations: 10. If I married an Iranian guy, those poor kids wouldn't stand a chance.9.

Latinos aren't the only ones with major machismo issues.

And contrary to popular belief, this Iranian girl isn't into that.

Are you in your 40's and dating (or wanting to date) someone who is 20 years younger than you?

The musicians, writers, and painters were few and far between...which is odd considering how much good art comes out of Iran. You know, those guys who live in Beverly Hills in their parent's houses with columns and lots of marble that drive black BMWS and listen to trance. This guy looked like the Persian JFK never went anywhere and I couldn't even tell you what his name was. The number one reason I never dated an Iranian guy was because of my brother and multitude of male Iranian cousins.