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bulk either, it’s more of a recent development, and a goal that we really have no use for.I have no need to gain massive amounts of fat and muscle, then cut down and ‘dry out’ for a competition, do you?

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Fats before bed (and right when we wake up) help raise our testosterone levels in a natural way.

The process of converting fats to energy boost these levels of testosterone in our bodies. The kinds of fats I’m talking about are saturated (natural) that come from eggs, steak, and other meats, as well as monounsaturated that can be found in nuts, fish, and vegetables like avocado.

In the morning, eat more fats – things like eggs or ground beef – as you get closer to your workout, start adding in more whole carbohydrates and cut out the fat. I’ve started buying more and more produce, meats, and eggs from the organic section. Have some Scotch, some ice-cream, or a nice plate of lasagna. A beer isn’t going to do a whole lot of damage to your system.

If you ever see a flatbed truck full of chickens, you’ll want to buy organic eggs. It’s when you start getting 5, 6, or 7 deep that you begin to effect your body hormonally. I drink a decent amount of beer, but I have a clean diet and I work hard. Things that are recently introduced into our diets aren’t going to be absorbed and digested in the same fashion.

Anyways, enough of these scary stories, keep reading to find out how to raise and maintain your testosterone levels naturally.