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He showed me all the fat layering over my organs and told me how many health problems I'm...

This is for us , for those who loves the BBW we are those kind of guys who likes the chicks with some meat on , we centain don't like those skinny girls we love to see a woman with meat not only bones !

I guess I don't look that fat because of how tall I am. But I guess I need to post something on here again... say I am about 5'2" and well probably 220 pounds, or 215. Last time I did I was 195 and I gained at least 10 pounds since then. I'm in a stage where I eat whatever I want and whenever I feel like it. and am 4 foot 7 so im pretty chubby and i dont know how to feel my stomach sticks out and when i lay down with my laptop on my stomach some on my fat goes on to the mouse pad a little so im confused on how i feel and there's no shame in my game. Don't get me wrong, I've tried dieting and working out. and jean shorts that felt a little tight and went down stairs.

I want to do something about it, but I can barely get myself out of bed most days. I find that my problem is that I simply love food way too much. Their was a lot more food on the table then usual so I ate it all and then my grandma came in and said "you have a good appetite today"and then told me that the little kids she were watching arrived. Sure, being overweight is not healthy and is very serious.

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