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So i enjoyed being fat ever since i was 10, i didn't realize it at first but i remembered getting my moms phone and looking at ssbbw, and how... I like the way I look, I got curves lol just not always where i want them :/ but I still like it. " or "you look pretty." I know that they say it out of kindness, rather than honesty, but I don't need kindness right now, I need honesty. They just moved into a new place because they're expecting a kid. A little about myself: I'm twenty and I'm from New York. I love eating and stuffing myself and feeling my fat body grow. I love myself, I love my body, and I have much respect for women who do as well.

who weighs 520 lbs and think that I too skinny, I don't know but I feel like the skinniest girl in school but I'm actually the opposite. Don't be afraid that I will get upset, because I won't. Tonight was the party, and my fat *** is absolutely glued to this computer chair. I have been through all the phases of accepting I am fat and hating that I am fat. and I was home alone all day, so basically I just stuffed myself the entire day. I could feel my tank top being tighter holding my ever growing belly. It used to be almost basically flat, but now it has pudge over it it. I am looking for a feeder to make me fatter and fatter. Ever since this whole experience I've been through, I've lost almost 50 pounds.

By the way I used to be a very athletic girl not anymore I got to the... My clothes are getting pretty tight and I just jiggle everywhere... My name is Katie, I'm 15 years old and I like being chubby/fat.

but now I'm fat (from 56 to 125 kg) Several things made it happen like my sister going from obese to anorexic (yea women in my family get fat and lose fat extremely fast) or my ex BF going from gym instructor to dating my sister that made him fat Anyway after breaking my leg... I've got stretch marks just about all over my body, especially on my stomach, hips, and back. I was talking to a man on here the other night and I told him I'm fat and how much I weigh and he said "You don't sound like you're fat from your stories".... I don't know why I like it, but it's really nice because I'm all soft and have a squishy belly. I blame the fact that my aunt works is a pastry chef and...

I had to pass a group of people walking past and they laughed at me as I...