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In recent weeks Anticom has stepped out of the shadows as its members have provided security to so-called alt-right champion Richard Spencer at a speaking event in Florida.Anticom also helped to organize a “White Lives Matter” protest in Shelbyville, Tennessee, last weekend.Some of the bomb documents are highly technical, likely to be of little use to anyone but a skilled chemist or engineer.

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The online discussions include plenty of profanity-laden racist and anti-Semitic banter by people with usernames like “Augusto Pinochet,” “deplorablepatriot,” and “Haupstürmfuhrer Pepe.” More worrisome, though, are the incitements towards violence.

On April 26, one Anticom member posed a question to the rest of the group: “Anyone want access to my pdf library? “137 pdfs of how to manufacture explosives.” Saved in the PDF format, the cache of documents includes recipes for making potent bombs from ammonium nitrate, scientific papers on the chemical composition of different explosive agents, an Army manual on deploying anti-personnel mines, and a guide to using radio frequencies to detonate explosives, a tactic frequently used by insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.

As a whole, however, the documents could easily provide a person with the tools to kill and wound scores of people. “White supremacists and antigovernment extremists have always collected and distributed this kind of content.

The internet makes that process easier and cheaper and more anonymous.” Berger said Discord should consider contacting law enforcement, if only out of a sense of caution.

“The FBI does not confirm or deny specific investigations.