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What they saw was PWG’s information completely gone and replaced for info about a new promotion, Bar Wrestling, that was holding it’s inaugural event in June 8, exactly one month to the date of the Facebook page “takeover”.

Twenty minutes later, it was reverted back to PWG but now was scheduled for deletion, with all posts and content entirely erased.

"Fancy Bear" the same Russian government-connected hackers responsible for the DNC hack and many others has struck again. claiming they demonstrate violations of anti-doping rules The Russians sure are upset that they got caught in a country wide, government sanctioned doping scandal.

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Well, yeah but why not pick a sport someone GIVES a shiat about like fugre skating or Gymnastics Uzzah: Marcus Aurelius: claiming they demonstrate violations of anti-doping rules Just what performance-enhancing drugs would one use to get better at Luge?

The speed of the initial run and push is the most important part. I suppose you could make the argument that you could take PEDs to bulk up your pecs and biceps, but it seems like that could interfere with the flexibility you need to bend forward and maximize your reach.

The venue in question is the American Legion Post 241, a small bar that has held wrestling shows in the past. But the world of wrestling still has no idea what happened. Was it an act of dispute between the three owners of PWG – wrestlers Joey Ryan, Super Dragon and Excalibur – and that one of them is pulling out of PWG?

Is Bar Wrestling a co-promotion with PWG and someone merely messed up setting up the Facebook page?

But I've been repeatedly assured after looking into Putin's dreamy eyes and seeing his soul that all these Russian hackers are just rogue citizens and in no way government sanctioned.