What is second basein dating terms

Amazon's two largest databases combine for more than 42 terabytes of data, and that's only the beginning of things.If Amazon published the total number of databases they maintain and volume of data each database contained, the amount of data we know Amazon houses would increase substantially.Choice Point is in the business of acquiring information about the American population -- addresses and phone numbers, driving records, criminal histories, etc., Choice Point has it all.

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Large telecommunication companies like Sprint are notorious for having immense databases to keep track of all of the calls taking place on their network.

Sprint's database processes more than 365 million call detail records and operational measurements per day.

Amazon also keeps more than 250,000 full text books available online and allows users to comment and interact on virtually every page of the website, making Amazon one of the world's largest online communities.

This data coupled with millions of items in inventory Amazon sells each year -- and the millions of items in inventory Amazon associates sell -- makes for one very large database.

Some of you may have even been able to amass a collection of items numbering into the hundreds (or thousands).