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Journalists were also the target of gruesome death wishes: following the Aug.17 terror attack in Barcelona, one of the members said he wished that prominent newscasters Ana Pastor and Antonio García Ferreras, who work at La Sexta television network, would become victims in the next terror attack.It is not howvere mandatory to speak English there. After one year going strong there , they have decided to do some renovations and build a kitchen for a pub food menu, add decorations there, more seats and , open more nights and improve the style of the atmosphere.

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We will also offer a great selection of beers and wines with our new menu. Looking forward to many more years serving the public and keeping a space for people to practice English.

You will feel like you are on a vacation outside Brasil in an English speaking country everytime!

El grupo de Whatsapp de la Policía Local de Madrid que insultó gravemente a Manuela Carmena, también deseó la muerte de los periodistas Ana Pastor y Antonio García Ferreras, además de políticos como el líder de Podemos, Pablo Iglesias o el diputado de Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya Gabriel Rufián.