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Journalists were also the target of gruesome death wishes: following the Aug.

In the beginning Rusty taught English for the first 3 years of his stay here in Brasil but after some time his wife Telma could see he was missing the days of his bar experiences and suggested to him to try an open a place here in Santo Andre.

As he was an English teacher and had previously owned a bar he thought to combine the two and crreate the English Chat Bar.

His former students used to ask him to alwys have a happy hour English class so he thought that people would like the concept of having a place to come and practice speaking English freely with him and his English Speaking staff.

Chat means a small talk or conversation and that is what the staff there provide to each customer that enters.

Around 115 armed municipal agents doing the night shift patrols in Madrid participated in the chat, although only half a dozen of them were very active and wrote most of the insults and threats, according to