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Williams (maternal grandmother; deceased) Donnie Pritchett (paternal uncle) Irene Pritchett (paternal aunt by marriage) Becky Pritchett (paternal aunt) Be Be Williams (maternal aunt) Ce Ce Williams (maternal aunt) Frank Dunphy (father-in-law) Grace Dunphy (mother-in-law; deceased) Cameron Tucker (brother-in-law) Lily Tucker-Pritchett (adoptive niece) Michael Pritchett (first cousin) Melanie Pritchett (first cousin, once removed) Lorraine Dunphy (step-mother-in-law) Ray (step-brother-in-law) Pilar Ramirez (step-grandmother) Claire Melinda Dunphy (Julie Bowen), née Pritchett, is the wife of Phil Dunphy, the daughter of Jay, Mitchell's older sister, Gloria's step-daughter, Manny's step-sister, Joe's half-sister and the helicopter soccer mom of the Dunphy family and its three very different kids.

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When a former co-worker (Minnie Driver) visits, it is revealed that Claire had a successful job in hospitality management but left her job and married Phil a few months after she became pregnant with Haley.

She shows resentment towards the abandonment of her working career due to seeing the success of one of her former peers, but later realizes her family is more important.

He says, however, he "would never stray from Claire," although Gloria did kiss him during a "kisscam" segment at a basketball game in the final episode of season 1, "Family Portrait".