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But within each of these definitions lie other, deeper, more subtle sub-definitions. Or do you want him to spend that time getting to know your family and getting involved in any issues or discussions that involve their lives? Are you the type of woman who likes her own independence, likes to be able to have a "girls' weekend" or at least a girls' night out now and then? Will he mind if you pick up his phone and look through his contacts or listen to his voice mails? My husband and I have a very transparent relationship – he doesn't care if I go through his phone contacts, voice mails or emails, and I don't care if he goes through mine.

Do you like to go out to lunch or for coffee with your own friends once a week? Is it OK for you to go hang out with an ex (or for him to hang out with an ex)? He has my passwords and I have his – only because we keep them in the same place. Is it about your lives being completely intertwined?

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This term can apply regardless of whether or not you are already physically intimate or not.

While this is certainly a big part of a committed relationship (and is really the beginning stage of a long term committed relationship) I prefer to simply call this "being exclusive" rather than "committed".

Have you ever really sat down and thought about what it is, exactly, that you're looking for when you say you want a committed relationship?

When you think that you want a guy to In the past (i.e.

Engagements can, of course, still be broken off, so it's not a guarantee that you're in a long term committed relationship, however it's still pretty much the best sign you have that things are heading that way.