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I also subscribe to the Tibetan beliefs that if you can’t accept death, then you can’t ever really live.” Adams was involved in the punk and goth scenes early on, but now doesn’t consider herself goth per-se and certainly not very “elder.” She understands how others might view her as goth, though.

She has a cute jet-black bob, got married in a cemetery in 2010 and fills her home with skulls, antique medical objects and oddities such as wax mannequin heads and glass eyes.

And while it was truly a phase for some (Jennifer Aniston recently revealed she was goth as a teen — who knew?

), the oft-misunderstood scene never went away and in fact continues to thrive as one of the longest-lasting subcultures around.

One of the biggest, OK Cupid, has a test to measure your own emo-ness.