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The plate was made in Staffordshire, England by Alfred Meakin and is in excellent condition. The plate was made by Alfred Meakin of Staffordshire, England. This jug is borderline Gaudy Welsh,looks fresh as a daisy with no staining, and still shows so beautifully out on display. Very pretty Basalt Pin tray by Wedgwood,measuring 4 - 5 inches in diameter.

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There is a small chip repair to the lid, but that is all. Each trio is in excellent condition, and this pattern is much sought after, especially in the Flow Blue. Only 1 set left Superb Royal Doulton Jug and bowl in the old Leeds Spray pattern.

The jug is chunky and in great condition as is the bowl. A Fine graduated sized pair of Copper lustre jugs in the polka pattern.

A lovely Dinner sized plate impressed DILLWYN in a semi horseshoe on the reverse.

Many years back, a very old Swansea collector said that there are 30 apples always on a Swansea willow pattern.

They will make a glorious display either standing on a ledge etc or hanging from hooks. The top is elegantly fluted with a central ornate "Vienna" panel,highlighted in burnished gold against the deep Mazarine blue background.