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A pair of dishes that are very attractive,shown in the old Derby colours. The date is 1905-1910/ £25 each item or £45 for the 2 WEDGWOOD.A selection of fabulous Wedgwood plates in Black and cream of the Liverpool birds pattern that Wedgwood were famous for.This jug stands on 4 short feet,and one of the feet has an inner crack,that is not visible from the outside,it is below the base anyway. This is an oval plate measuring approximately 12inches x 9inches.

In those far off days,only candles and the firelight would brighten up the kitchens and parlour rooms ...

These lustrous jugs,sitting on dressers or hanging on hooks from the ceilings, would radiate a warmth and cosiness , just like real copper does. This is a strong set that has no grease marks through useage.

£48 Sweet oval shaped dish in a deep blue willow pattern.

These little antique side dishes are very effective on display.

The jug is 5inches tall and the bowl is 5inches across. The jugs were made in Staffordshire, England around 1845-50,the larger jug measures 8.5inches to the top of the handle and the base diameter is 5inches across,the shorter jug measures 7inches to the top of the handle and the base is 4inches across.

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