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Kubota stocks parts for almost all of their tractors regardless of vintage. for a compact tractor I would buy a used Kubota L2550. Deere's are crazy expensive, awesome ergonomics, but yeah, totally overpriced for what you get. I'd buy a New Holland again in a second or a Kubota. Lots of pictures accompanied with 17 different languages. I doubt parts support is good, and we all know that the Chinese fab crap, use the cheapest pot metal they can get away with, and although somewhat reliable due to simplicity of design, there will come a time when those saved dollars will be spent trying to replace the bailing wire and duct tape that you're using to hold those things together.

I have one, my uncle also has one, theyre powerful, easy to maintain, cheap on parts, operators station is more open and easier to get in and out of, hydraulics are strong. In their older manuals, you have to turn a ton of pages to find the next step, fortunately, they are super reliable and have great dealership support. Cheaper rigs for small farms but I hear pretty good things about them. When you're operating a tractor, you're usually involved in something important, and usually the worst time to have a breakdown. This is why I've owned Ford/New Holland and Caterpillar tractors and had little to no issues worth mentioning. When I bought my house and land the previous owner left a Branson 3510 4x4 as part of the deal.

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I was in the market for a 30-35 hp tractor, was going to buy a new Mahindra but their financing sucked.

I'm so glad I got the 40 hp, the chassis is larger and I think I would have been sadly disappointing with anything smaller.

However it's more realistic to finance the machine and pay for the $10K survey and the $20K worth of fencing cash out of pocket. ive worked on a few, complete shit compared to a Kubota.

the loader was weak, could barely lift 500 ish pounds. plus the gear ranges on the ones I've worked on seem to be just wrong.

There's a reason they can command the higher price compared to the other brands.